Wireless Workflows with Sony

The media landscape suddenly looks different – and a fast and efficient workflow has never been more critical. Whatever content you’re creating, we’ll keep you ahead with wireless workflows that make it easy to stream or transfer great-looking pictures from the field straight back to base over 4G, 5G or Wi-Fi for editing or playout.

Why connected production?

Using the Internet to connect cameras wirelessly with the rest of their production infrastructure, today’s productions can benefit from smoother, more efficient collaboration, simpler logistics and lower operational costs.


How wireless camcorders enable connected production

Connecting camcorders wirelessly to the Internet offers production teams three significant opportunities to engage with viewers, create content faster and streamline production workflow efficiency:

  • Streaming
  • File transfer
  • Wireless remote control & monitoring

Our connected cameras are one element in a complete production ecosystem by Sony that scales to meet the demands of every broadcaster or content creator. Our end-to-end solutions can be conveniently customised to support every interconnected workflow requirement, from acquisition and live production to distribution, media asset management and archive.


Find out more by downloading our Connected Production Guide


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